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Winter is coming! - Is your home prepared?

There are loads of simple things you can do around your house to keep it cosy this winter. Here are our top 8 tips to make your home warm from top to bottom.

1. Turn off pipes to outside water taps

Why? Because garden tap piping is usually linked to an indoor feed, often located under the kitchen sink. If the water inside the pipes freezes it can cause a leak inside your home when the weather thaws.

2. Leave the central heating on low

When the weather is cold, it’s a good idea to heat your home for one hour every day, even when you’re away. It helps keep things running smoothly and it’s easy to do from your boiler timer. Each boiler is different, but you’ll find out how to set yours with the manual that came with your unit or if you search for your model’s instructions online.

3. Check chimneys before having a fire

Lighting a fire under a blocked chimney can be very dangerous due to poison carbon monoxide gas not being able to escape.

4. Draught proofing

If you’re feeling the chill from draughts in your home, sealing them is a quick and simple way to stay warm and save money. Good places to check for draughts are around the edges of your window frames, the gaps under your doors, and around your letterbox.

5. ‘Bleed’ radiators

Getting rid of air bubbles in radiators can help you save money as it ensures your home is heated more efficiently.

6. Check guttering

Clear guttering to avoid water leaking onto walls and windows which in turn can cause damp.

7. Tidy your garden

Cut back any branches and bushes that might break windows or bring down fences in stormy weather.

8. Get your boiler checked

An annual check by a qualified engineer does cost money but it will help you avoid any eye-watering emergency call-out charges in the middle of winter - and keep bills down as your system will run more efficiently.

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