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Why Do Small Local Businesses Offer Better Customer Service?

The importance of great customer service is really being noticed!

Communication is absolutely vital, but there’s no point listening to your customers if you’re not able to help, accommodate or negotiate. One size definitely does not fit all; small businesses are in a stronger position to adapt to the needs of the consumer. Large chain brands are limited by a governing head-office and unable to freely tailor their products or services.

Large chains lack flexibility, unable to bend rules or create bespoke packages to the requirements of the individual.

However loyal you may be as a customer to a large chain brand, your value is less likely to be acknowledged and you wont always receive the VIP services and rewards that small businesses can offer you.

Small businesses can make decisions faster; the business owner may only be in the next room or easily reached at the end of the telephone.

Large chain brands can struggle to communicate across departments causing frustrating delays for the customer. As a customer your query may be passed along a long and tedious chain of staff members before reaching a decision maker.

No matter who you liaise with within a small business team, you’ll likely find that team members have a more hands on role within the company. Team members within small businesses have more authority to make decisions which builds a stronger sense of care for the job they do, resulting in a more positive experience for the customer.

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