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Top Tips for choosing the right Bedroom Colour

According to the philosophy of Chromatherapy, the colours you choose to decorate your home with can have a significant effect on your mood. Take a look at these tips to find out what different colours can do for you and find the perfect hue for your boudoir!

Colour and Mood

Chromatherapy segments colours into three main emotions. Cool colours like green and blue are thought to ease stress and create a relaxing atmosphere. Warm colour such as orange, yellow and red have more of an energising effect. Thirdly, some colours are a mixture of warm and cool elements, like violet.

Using Cool Colours

When decorating with cool colours a bedroom can end up looking cold. Avoid this by using a combination of three cool colours that work together, like tan, light blue and beige. These natural earthy tones are reminiscent of being outdoors which will enhance the calming effect.

Soothing Hues for Kids

Soft pinks, greens and blues can all feel nurturing and soothing, so opt for pale colours like these in kid’s rooms. Bright and bold patterns and primary colours can have a stimulating effect that stop your kids being able to relax so avoid them if your child has trouble sleeping.

Bring Back the Passion

If the flame of passion has well and truly puttered out in your bedroom then decorate it in a dark, rich and opulent scheme. The darker the colour you choose the bolder the effect will be on your emotions so opt for purple, red, or passionate pink paint and swathe your bed and windows in luxurious fabrics.

Balancing Warm Colours

Warm colours can work really well together in a room and make it appear much lighter and brighter. Try including three or four colours from the warm end of the scale, provided they’ve got a similar tone they’ll work together. Try a bright yellow accent wall and orange bedding with a red rug – although it’s a striking look your room will still feel warm and welcoming.

Let there be Light

‘Flipping’ homes is not as popular as it used to be, but when today’s homeowners decorate, the majority still consider resale first and foremost, rather than choosing the colours they really love. If you’re planning to stay in your home for at least a year or two then it’s worthwhile decorating it to please yourself rather than a potential buyer, after all, a quick lick of paint will solve the problem when you come to sell.

However, if you’re decorating with a view to moving on then it’s probably best to opt for off white walls everywhere so potential buyers have a blank canvas. But you can still incorporate lots of colour into your home with lighting. In white or very pale rooms you can use coloured bulbs that will bathe the room in a soft sheen of pink, blue, orange, green or whatever colour you like. Or why not opt for a light with several colour options so you can repaint your room with colour whenever the mood takes you!


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