Cleaning FAQ's


Q: How do you select and vet domestic cleaners?


A: There’s an initial telephone conversation to assess suitability for interview. The cleaner is then interviewed in their own home. The cleaner then needs to show:


• Proof of Identity

• Proof of Address

• Proof of legal right to work in the U.K


The clean must then obtain a DBS Check (Formerly CRB) which is paid for by us, this must show no spent or unspent convictions.


The cleaner then has to give the name and address for two references.


The references are checked and if suitable, the cleaner can then join our team.


Q: Do I get the same cleaner every week?


A: Yes, you have a permanent cleaner. If for any reason your cleaner cannot get out to you, they will contact you to arrange a different day. If they can’t arrange this, please call us for a temporary cleaner to cover.


Q: How do I pay the cleaner?


A: You will pay the cleaner the hourly rate in cash. This rate is agreed during the free consultation.


Q: How do I pay Your Local Cleaner® Management fee?


A: Your Local Cleaner® is payable monthly by standing order.


Q:Why are Your Local Cleaner® and the cleaner paid separately?


A: You Local Cleaner® does not pay the cleaner because the cleaner is self-employed and is responsible for paying their own tax and N.I.C and collecting their pay. If Your Local Cleaner® collected the cleaners’ money and then distributed it to the cleaner, this would lead to an increase in administration and the money could become liable to V.A.T which would lead to a substantial rise in hourly rate to the client.


Q: What is Your Local Cleaner® Management fee for?


1. You pay Your Local Cleaner® Management fee to advertise for and then vet a range of cleaners to join our team. You then have access to these pre-selected and vetted cleaners and can find someone suitable for you.


2. You pay Your Local Cleaner® for its administration and regulation. Your Local Cleaner® has policies, procedures and regulation in place to ensure that everything is legal and correct.


3. You pay Your Local Cleaner® for its back-up and support. We want life to be as stress-free as possible for you. If you need us, we are there. We monitor the service you are receiving and make sure you stay happy, year after year.


4. You pay Your Local Cleaner® to endeavor to find cover when your cleaner is absent, so that you are unlikely to have weeks without a cleaner.


5. Insurance cover. Your Local Cleaner® has as very comprehensive insurance scheme that covers you, your home and the cleaner.


6. You Pay Your Local Cleaner® for DBS checks (formerly CRB) to ensure your cleaner does not have any spent or unspent convictions.


Q: What if I’m not happy with my cleaner?


A: You get the opportunity to meet and interview your cleaner before they come to work for you. If you do not feel that they are right for you, we will send another cleaner until you find the right one. If, when a cleaner is working for you, you aren’t happy, we suggest that you discuss the problem with your cleaner. They want you to be happy with their work, and will make adjustments if there’s something you want changed. If, however, you feel that this hasn’t or won’t work, then please contact us and we will offer you and the cleaner the opportunity for us to train the cleaner in the problem area in order for them to stay with you, or, if you prefer, we can replace the cleaner for you.


Q: Who provides the cleaning products and equipment?


A: You provide the products and equipment and specify what products you would like used where.


This has four main advantages:


1. It keeps the cost down.

2. Some people have allergies to certain products so this elemintaes the risk.

3. We will be using the products you choose and are familiar with, so you can keep the products with your favourite fragrances.

4. It reduces our carbon footprint because we’re not having to use vehicles to get products and equipment out to you.


Q: Do I have to be at home for the cleaner?


A: You can be at home for the cleaner if you would like to be, but we also offer a key-holding service if you are not going to be home to let your cleaner in.


Q: What happens when the cleaner goes on holiday?


A: Please contact Your Local Cleaner® in advance if you require cover for the holiday period, and we will supply a temporary cleaner while your permanent cleaner is away.


Q: Are there any restrictions on what a cleaner can do?


A: We are not insured for the use of bleach or acids. Also, we are not insured for work outside the house.


Q: I would like to go ahead, what happens next?


A: Please either e-mail us via the contact page, or telephone us on 0800 612 6780 or 01384 622 684 and we’ll arrange an appointment for a free consultation where we can discuss your needs in greater depth.